Active holiday with adventures in the South Tyrolean Alps – Italy

A – as in Adventures in the Ahrntal

Gossa Chalet is a welcoming place, and relaxation is the order of the day. However, you’ll soon feel the urge to go out and explore the beautiful valleys and alpine landscape of South Tyrol! It’s a pleasure you can’t resist: hiking up the high peaks, cycling up and down the many trails, enjoying that feeling of infinite freedom on skis.

The Ahrntal is known for its majestic “Tremila”, an inspiring landscape for an active holiday, full of adventures in the heart of the Alps in Italy.
With 80 peaks over 3000 m, 850 km of hiking and cycling trails, 76 km of downhill ski slopes, and 50 km of cross-country ski trails, the valley is a real paradise for climbers, mountain lovers, adventurers, or anyone who enjoys nature or wants to try something new …

Life is getting up
an hour early, to live an hour more.

For lovers of the high peaks

Your first Tremila: the Moosstock (Picco Palù)

What qualities will you need for a new entry in your personal Guinness Book of Records?
Good physical fitness, sure-footedness and stamina! The Moosstock (Picco Palù) is 3,059 metres in height. But although it’s not the highest of the “over 3000”, it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. The stunning view from the top will turn even the most boring snack into a five-star lunch.

Moosstock cross Moosstock

Early morning happiness: sunrise on Monte Spico (Speikboden)

Long before cock crow, you’re already (more or less) awake and travelling upwards. The gondola and chairlift will take you up to 2,400 metres in both summer and winter. Then you have a choice: you can walk to the cross on Mount Sonnklar (10 minutes), or to the cross on Speikboden (Monte Spico) (30 minutes), or you can choose to stay at the observation tower. But you’d better decide quickly, because the sun is already coming up …

Sunrise to Speikboden Sunrise at Speikboden - view Speikboden Fire bowl Speikboden Sunrise

Wengsee (Lake Venga) at Selva dei Molini

The beautiful Lake Venga nestles among pine woods high above Selva dei Molini. You can reach it by a forest road, which leads on to a hiking trail. Do you think it attracts crowds of tourists? No, not at all! It’s a magical natural sight, with views of the peaks above the Ahrntal (Valle Aurina), and the ice-covered Hochfeiler (Gran Pilastro). N.B: you can also get to the lake by mountain bike. And you can also stop for refreshments at the Obermairalm mountain hut. P.S.: the fitter and more expert can climb up Mount Knappnock or Mount Donnerschlag.

Wengsee in the Ahrntal

Pssst! Other tips for some great hikes:

  • Climb to the summit followed by a pleasant break at our mountain hut
  • Hike to Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio
  • Hike to Rifugio Giovanni Porro
  • Mountaineering ascent to Rifugio Sasso Nero
  • Via ferrata on Mount Spicco (Speikboden)
  • Lake Neves with Malga Neves and Malga Untermaurer
For those who love excitement

Let’s all get in the water! Canyoning at Lappago

Do you think nothing of diving from the three-metre board into your local swimming pool? Do you like to push yourself to the limits? Then you’re all set for your next adventure: canyoning, which certainly requires strong nerves. Supervised by experts from the Active Rafting Club, and attached securely to a rope, you descend into the Rio Val Cesa (Zösenschlucht) gorge and slide into the roaring waters of the stream. An unforgettable experience for anyone who loves thrills and adventures …

Group canyoning Canyoning in Ahrntal Canyoning

The excitement of speed: Alpine Coaster on the Klausberg

It’s the longest and most spectacular summer toboggan run of its kind: on the “Klausberg-Flitzer” you can whizz down to the valley for 1.8 km, travelling at a maximum speed of 40 km/hr, and tackling 360-degree turns and jumps, as well as straight stretches. Slow or fast – you can decide whether to brake or accelerate. A real adventure for adrenaline-lovers of every age!

Alpine Coaster Alpine Coaster - children Alpine Coaster in winter

A bird’s eye view: Fly-Line ride over the Riva waterfalls at Campo Tures

The 45-minute hike up to the three splendid waterfalls of the Riva di Tures is already a very special experience. But the icing on the cake for your day of adventure is definitely the descent by zipline. Firmly secured to the steel rope by a harness, you fly 200 metres above the ground, travelling among the trees for 850 metres, and enjoying the sight of the rushing water down below. Flying has never seemed so good!

Fly-Line Ahrntal Fly-Line Fly-Line

Pssst! Other tips for some great hikes:

  • “Kofler zwischen den Wänden” and “Drittlsand” outdoor rock climbing gyms
  • Climbing gym at Issengo
  • Paragliding and hang gliding with Kronfly
  • Horse riding at the Herbert riding school at Lutago
For strong legs

Get on your bike: ride to the Weizgruber mountain hut at Selva dei Molini

Ride up from the “Mitterberg” to Malga Weizgruber, passing through some beautiful forests. You can then enjoy a well-earned refreshment stop at the Malga – or else you can carry on to the highest point of Monte Spico: the Sonnklar. What a fantastic view!

Cycling Cycling With the bike to the alp Excursion by bike

Pssst! Other tips for some great hikes:

  • Ride up to the Obermair mountain hut above Selva dei Molini
  • MTB trip to the Church of Santo Spirito at Casere
  • Pusterbike cycle path in the Valle di Tures and Valle Aurina
  • We’ll give you lots of insider tips for your excursions
For those who love the winter

Explore some unspoiled trails: ski mountaineering on the “Henne”

The tour up on the “Henne” (2,475 m), also known as Cima Gallina Monte Corno, is very popular with ski mountaineers. It’s safe and easy to get to, and offers some splendid views of the main Alpine ridge, so has all the ingredients to make it a top favourite for lovers of this sport. The descent on fresh snow to Selva dei Molini is a really exciting and delightful experience.

Ski Tour downhill Woman with the ski tour skis Ski tour

Fun descents: tobogganing at Rio Bianco

Evoke childhood memories – or try a new challenge: the 4.5 km long toboggan run follows a well-trodden forest trail, passing three mountain huts and taking you through snowy woodland. You can rent a sled from one of the mountain huts (Innerhofer, Marxegger or Pircher) and enjoy some tasty snacks before starting your exciting descent …

Sledding trip to Weißenbach Family sledding Child on the toboggan

A paradise for cross-country skiers: Selva dei Molini cross-country ski track

Classic or skating style? You can enjoy both of these on the 16-km track between Selva dei Molini and Lappago.

Cross-country skiing trails Cross country skiing Cross country skiing Slopes

Tamarix FUN & SNOW family park at Selva dei Molini

Lots of fun for adults as well as children. When you’re sliding along on saucers, tubes or snowbobs, time seems to pass in a flash. Special highlight: whizzing down the floodlit track under a starry sky!

Fun in the snow Family parc Tubing Sliding

Pssst! Other tips for some great hikes:

  • Eggespitz ski mountaineering tour
  • Toboggan run from Malga Weizgruber at Selva dei Molini
  • Toboggan run from Speikboden: the longest in South Tyrol
  • Lots of snowshoe trails
  • Skiing in the Ahrntal (Valle Aurina) Skiworld
  • Alpine skiing in the Plan de Corones ski area
  • Ice skating/curling at Selva dei Molini
  • Ice climbing at various places we recommend
For lovers of history and culture

Like something out of a fairytale: Tures Castle

Built on a great rock, the imposing castle towers above Campo Tures. It was first mentioned in documents in 1225. You can now visit 64 rooms in the Castle, including the Hall of Judgement, the library, the chapel, the prison, the Torture Chamber and – last but not least – the Room of the Spirits. Yes, because what would a castle be without its ghosts …

Taufers castle Taufers castle from above Taufers castle indoor View to Taufers castle

Interactive gallery: Predoi Mining Museum and Climate Centre Mining Museum and Climate Centre at Predoi

You enter the mountain on a little train, just like the miners. The Museum covers six hundred years of mining history, explained in a fascinating way with interactive displays, exciting stories and different types of machinery. Another attraction is the climate gallery: it lies 1100 metres deep inside the mountain and has a very special micro-climate, which gives great relief to sufferers from respiratory conditions.

Predoi Mining Children in the Predoi Mining Climate Centre Mining Museum and Climate Centre at Predoi Predoi Mining with museum Climate Centre at Predoi Mine Prettau Climate gallery Predoi Mining Museum

Pssst! Other tips for some great hikes:

  • Kirchler Mineral Museum at San Giovanni
  • Messner Mountain Museums Ripa & Corones
  • LUMEN Museum of Mountain Photography on Plan de Corones