Your hosts | The ambience and much more

Behind the scenes at the Gossa Chalet

Find the right balance: if you don’t relax, you’ll use up all your energy.
But if you don’t go out on adventures, boredom will soon set in.

That’s why here at the Gossa we offer you both relaxation and activities! Explore the beautiful landscape, with all its many colours, forms and facets. Then come back to your own private sauna, and the peaceful atmosphere of your chalet.

About us: who we are and what we do

The history of Untergasser farm goes back 200 years. But time has passed almost unnoticed.

If you want to take a look round the farm, to enjoy the scents of our stables or visit our rabbits, chickens and cows, your hosts Michi or Günther will be happy to oblige.

Would you like to meet us?

Michi, a real all-rounder

… with many different skills. Thanks to his green fingers, fruit, vegetables and herbs all thrive in the Gossa garden. To the delight of his family and our guests, he can create delicious dishes from (almost) anything that nature provides.

Her top adventure: a walk to Lake Venga plus a delicious barbecue with friends.


Günther, a handyman

… who loves hand-made objects. He’s not only responsible for managing the farm, but also loves practising his artisan skills and doing building work. You can usually find him at the Gossa in the evenings, when he takes time out for a pleasant chat with our guests.

His top adventure: a MTB ride to the Obermair mountain hut.


Lisa, the great organiser

… who keeps everything under control. Lisa is expert at managing the bookings, writing e-mails and doing the routine paperwork. And when she’s not too busy with office work, you might find her out climbing … or in the kitchen doing her famous experiments. I recommend you try Lisa’s latest muesli mix.

Her top adventure: going climbing on the Hohe Weißzint (Punta Bianca) di Lappago.


Jonas, the maker

… who’s finding his way as a farmer on Untergasser farm. He’s a great help with the daily chores, and there are those who claim that he inherited his manual skills from someone in the family.

His perfect day out: the new via ferrata on Speikboden (Monte Spico) – a real adrenaline rush.


Leonie, the sunny one in the family

… she loves helping to make syrups and jams or to prepare the breakfast baskets. As soon as she can, she runs outside to enjoy the natural world.

Her top adventure: like her brother, she loves “doing the impossible” so wants to try the Monte Spico via ferrata!


Grandmother Gertraud and grandfather Hermann, two very talented seniors

… who still participate enthusiastically in the work of the farm and make themselves useful whenever needed. You may even have the chance to make fresh bread with grandma Gertraud … and to hear her stories from the olden days!

Her top adventure: every day is an adventure!